• Elys Series

    An elegant portfolio of EPOS products to elevate your retail experience

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  • One system that does it all

    The beautifully crafted Elys Series is designed to transform your retail business. Unlock smarter business management, enhance customer experiences, and take retail operations to the next level.

  • Elevate your experience across Elys hardware

    Running our Android-based UNIPHIZ system developed specifically for these products, you will experience an enhanced, unified user interface and experience across our range of devices.

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    The power of UNIPHIZ doesn't stop there. It seamlessly integrates with LinkUp Smart Connect, our advanced middleware for device-to-device connectivity. LinkUp serves as the bridge that manages the interaction between your ZOLON devices, allowing for seamless synchronization of files, receipt of product information, and even remote control capabilities. This means you can effortlessly sync data, access important information, and perform tasks across your entire ecosystem of connected devices.








  • Elys Station, Tower, and Litchi

    Central hubs for retail efficiency

    The central elements in the Elys Series - our elegant touchscreen workstations - are designed with durable aluminum bodies and ultra-thin profiles, making them a stylish addition to any retail environment. With the Elys Station, Tower, or Litchi as your EPOS hub, managing & connecting all your devices becomes a breeze.

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  • Android 11

    Operating system

    2.0 GHz

    Octa-Core processor

    WiFi + Bluetooth


    Receipt & Label Printing


    Dual Cameras


    Fingerprint Reader









  • Elys Tablet

    Embrace wireless pay-at-table transactions

    Amaze your customers with the convenience of pay-at-table using the game-changing Elys Tablet, a portable 7-inch screen payment tablet that brings flexibility to your payment processes. It connects magnetically to the Elys Station and Elys Tower, allowing customers to preview purchases before completing payment. With a two-sided POGO PIN, the Elys Tablet can be positioned upward or downward facing, catering to your preferences and enhancing overall customer experience.

  • Android 11

    Operating system








    Front camera

    PCI 6


  • Elys Hub

    Extend the power of your Elys workstations

    Enable connectivity to multiple external devices, such as scanners and printers, to expand the capabilities of Elys workstations. The Elys Hub empowers you to create a tailored retail solution that enhances efficiency and optimizes operations.

  • Elys Printer

    Elegant design, lightning-fast printing

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  • Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Elys Printer, an aesthetic complement to your retail environment. Equipped with a super high-speed 260mm/s printing mechanism, the Elys Printer ensures rapid printing of receipts, enabling smooth and swift transactions.

  • Elys Eye Touch & Elys Eye

    Capture, scan, and share instantly

    Meet the Elys Eye, a small handheld unit that combines advanced camera technology, a high-definition touch screen display, and microphone & speaker for walkie-talkie communication. With the Elys Eye, staff can easily scan barcodes or labels, making it easier to manage and track inventory, retrieve product information, and streamline checkout processes by instantly sending information to the main Elys workstation.

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  • Elys Lens

    Advanced Scanning & Messaging

    The perfect addition to your Elys workstations, the Elys Lens combines scanning capabilities in a sleek and compact design, offering seamless QR code and coupon transaction processing with its simple aim-and-scan functionality. With a built-in speaker, Elys Lens goes beyond scanning, allowing you to engage customers with captivating sounds or audio prompts. Whether it's providing instructions or delivering promotional messages, the built-in speaker adds an extra layer of interaction to your operations.