• ELYS Station 14

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    Your central hub for retail efficiency

    The central piece of the Elys family, this elegant touchscreen workstation is designed with a durable aluminum body and an ultra-thin profile (9.5mm thin), making it a stylish addition to any retail environment. With the Elys Station as your central hub, managing and connecting all your devices becomes a breeze.

  • Small features make the biggest difference

    Equipped with advanced features, the Elys Station offers even more convenience and security.

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    Finger ID

    Ensure secure access with fingerprint options, providing an extra layer of authentication and peace of mind.

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    5MP Camera

    Capture high-quality images with the 5MP front camera, from product documentation to customer verification.

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    With the POGO PIN connectivity, it effortlessly pairs with payment devices.

  • Android 11

    Operating system

    2.0 GHz

    Octa-Core processor


    1920*1080 pixels touchscreen

    WiFi + Bluetooth



    Front camera

    Fingerprint reader


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    Colorful, day or night

    With a spacious and vibrant display, the Elys Station makes viewing and operating a joyous experience anytime of day. It's the perfect canvas for showcasing your products, engaging with customers, and managing your operations with confidence and ease.

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    Sleek & stylish

    Measuring 9.5mm thin, the Elys Workstation body is the perfect blend of minimalist design and function. From its aluminum alloy exterior to its intuitive user interface, the Elys Workstation adds a touch of sophistication to every transaction.








  • The complete point of sale solution 

    Whether used independently or in combination with the Elys family of devices, the Elys Station is the ultimate tool that empowers you to streamline operations and enhance productivity. With advanced connectivity options including WiFi, Ethernet, USB hubs, and POGO PINs, the Elys Station ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Choose which devices you want to connect to the Elys Station, and create a tailored setup that perfectly suits your business needs.

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    Elys Tablet

    The Elys Tablet is a portable payment tablet that works with the Elys Workstation or can be used alone. It’s perfect for a variety of businesses that want to stay on top of the future of payments.

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    Elys Printer

    Print receipts and more using the award-wining Elys Printer. The perfect blend of style and functionality, it is designed to quickly print what you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


    With seamless integration with the Elys Station, this printer is a must-have addition to your Elys Series setup.

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    Elys Eye Touch & Elys Eye

    The Elys Eye Touch and Elys Eye is your on the move tool. It‘s a powerful unit that combines an advanced camera for quick scanning and more.


    With these tools, merchants can easily scan barcodes or labels and instantly send the information directly to the main Elys workstation.

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    Elys hub

    Take your Elys Station to new heights with the Elys Hub, a device that extends its functionality by enabling connectivity to multiple external devices. Seamlessly connect additional peripherals such as scanners and printers to expand the capabilities of your Elys Station and customize it to meet your specific business needs.