• Elys Tablet

    Embrace wireless Pay-At-Table transactions  

    Elys Tablet


  • Amaze your customers with the convenience of pay-at-table using the game-changing Elys Tablet, a portable 7-inch screen payment tablet that brings flexibility to your payment processes. It connects magnetically to the Elys Station, or Elys Tower, allowing customers to preview their purchases before completing payment.

  • Whether used with the various Elys workstation or alone as a versatile mobile payment device, the spacious touch screen display is ideal to showcase advertisements or announcements, capture every sale, and providing an immersive and intuitive user experience.

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  • Android 11

    Operating system








    Front camera

    PCI 6


  • Elys Tablet

    A dynamic payment device

    The user-friendly dual-head magnetic stripe and dual-contact chip readers can accept card payments from either side of the device, giving you the flexibility to accept various payment methods.


    Say goodbye to traditional payment terminals and embrace the freedom of wireless pay-at-table transactions with the Elys Tablet.

  • The complete point of sale solution 

    The Elys family is a comprehensive group, and each member has a specific role to play to complete your transaction needs.

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    Elys Station 14

    The central piece of the Elys family, this elegant touchscreen workstation is designed with a durable aluminum body and an ultra-thin profile (9.5mm thin), making it a stylish addition to any retail environment.

  • Take your retail business to new heights

    Running our innovative UI system, UNIPHIZ, developed specifically for Elys hardwares, you will experience an enhanced and unified user interface and experience across our range of devices. With UNIPHIZ, you gain access to a wide range of applications designed to streamline the management of your devices. From seamless device configuration to intuitive settings customization, UNIPHIZ empowers you to efficiently control and optimize your Elys hardware.

  • Empowering Device Connectivity with Linkup

    The power of UNIPHIZ doesn't stop there. It seamlessly integrates with LinkUp Smart Connect, our advanced middleware for device-to-device connectivity. LinkUp serves as the bridge that manages the interaction between your devices, allowing for seamless synchronization of files, receipt of product information, and even remote control capabilities. This means you can effortlessly sync data, access important information, and perform tasks across your entire ecosystem of connected devices.