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    Elys Displays

    Revolutionize kitchen operations with the Elys Displays, cutting-edge IP55 waterproof rated touchscreens designed to enhance productivity in demanding environments.

  • Enhanced Visibility, Effortless Operation

    With a brightness of 350 nits and multi-touch functionality, the Elys Display is available in a 16" or 22" version, allowing kitchen staff to navigate menus and input data with ease. An anti-fingerprint coating ensures a clean, clear screen, while Mohs 6 rating guarantees durability and resilience against scratches.

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  • Optimized for Kitchen Environments

    Designed to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen, the Elys Display supports operation with wet hands and gloves, making it ideal for food service establishments. Its flexible positioning options, including wall installation using a VESA bracket, or countertop with our secure mounting system, ensures optimal viewing angles and space utilization.

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  • Versatile Connectivity, Seamless Integration

    Equipped with built-in power and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, the Elys display eliminates the need for additional power outlets, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Its versatile interface designs enable seamless connectivity to a wide range of devices, expanding its capabilities in your kitchen environment.

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  • Android 11

    Operating system

    Dual speakers

    2.0 GHz

    Octa-Core processor

    3D gravity sensor

    WiFi + Bluetooth


    IP55 waterproof








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    Boost productivity with Elys Bump Bar

    To further enhance functionality, complement your Elys Display with the Elys Bump Bar - a tactile keyboard designed specifically for Kitchen Display Systems. Featuring keys with a 100 million lifespan, customizable layouts, and optional Bluetooth connectivity, the Elys Bump Bar offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. With the optional battery, you can position the bump bar anywhere in your kitchen without worrying about power outlets.

  • The complete point of sale solution

    The Elys family is a comprehensive group, and each member has a specific role to play to complete your transaction needs.