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  • ELYS Tower 14

    The Elys Tower offers the same powerful features as the Station, but sets itself apart by providing an extra customer display. Choose between a 7-inch or 10.1-inch screen to create a more interactive experience with your customers.

  • Dual display experience

    With a dedicated merchant-facing display and a separate customer-facing display, you can engage with your customers while efficiently managing transactions.

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    Merchant Display


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    Customer Display

    7-inch or 10.1-inch

  • Android 11

    Operating system

    Dual touchscreens

    Merchant & customer display

    2.0 GHz

    Octa-Core processor


    Dual cameras

    WiFi + Bluetooth


    Inbuilt printer


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    Enhanced functionality

    We've taken functionality to the next level with Elys Tower. In addition to its dual displays, we've added a customer display camera to expand its capabilities.

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    Built-in printer

    Elys Tower comes with an inbuilt printer, seamlessly integrated into its sleek design. Streamline your operations and save valuable space with this convenient all-in-one solution. With both receipt and label printing supported, the advanced printer increases flexibility.








  • The complete point of sale solution

    Whether used independently or in combination with the Elys family of devices, the Elys Tower is the ultimate tool that empowers you to streamline operations and enhance productivity. With advanced connectivity options including WiFi, Bluetooth, USB hubs, and POGO PINs, the Elys Tower ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. Choose which devices you want to connect to the Elys Station, and create a tailored setup that perfectly suits your business needs.

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    Elys hub

    Take your Elys Station to new heights with the Elys Hub, a device that extends its functionality by enabling connectivity to multiple external devices. Seamlessly connect additional peripherals such as scanners and printers to expand the capabilities of your Elys Station and customize it to meet your specific business needs.

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    Elys Eye Touch & Elys Eye

    The Elys Eye Touch and Elys Eye is your on the move tool. It‘s a powerful unit that combines an advanced camera for quick scanning and more.


    With these tools, merchants can easily scan barcodes or labels and instantly send the information directly to the main Elys workstation.